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Democrats Endorse Write-In Candidate Eva Diaz For West Valley Seat, Following Espinoza Exit

Anzhe Zhang

Earlier this month, following the resignation of Rep. Diego Espinoza (D, Tolleson), who won the August 2nd primary, the precinct committee has decided on endorsing Eva Diaz, an educator in Tolleson, as their write-in candidate for state senate. Now, the committee and Diaz are working to ensure communities in LD22 are aware that Diaz is running for the State Senate, and to urge voters to list her as the Democratic candidate to vote for come November 8. 

Diaz is a former principal in the Goodyear school district, receiving her masters’ degree from Arizona State University, and comes from a family of educators. Diaz also has worked in city planning, as the former chair of Tolleson’s planning and zoning commission.

“She’s very excited about running,” Ruth Diaz, her mother, said.

“I’m looking forward to her leadership and making sure she gets elected,” Rep. Richard Andrade, who lost the August primary for LD22,  noted in a confirmation meeting last month.

Legislative District 22, which encompasses Tolleson and parts of Avondale, has historically been  a blue district, but because there are multiple write-in candidates this year, observers have noted the candidates might fracture the Democratic vote to allow an underdog Republican write-in candidate to win the district.

Democrats, however, are working to unify behind Diaz. For instance, Bryan Kilgore, the Avondale City Councilman, dropped out of the race in support of Diaz. Kenya Raymond, the other candidate, has not yet made it clear whether or not she will drop out of the race.

Currently, Diaz is set to face at least three Republican write-in candidates.

Residents in Arizona who want to vote will need to register by October 11. The request for early mail-in ballots will have to be placed by October 28 at 5:00 p.m. local time, while the deadline for turning in those early ballots is November 1. Votes mailed in after this date may risk not arriving in time; for those concerned, it’s best to drop off the ballot at a vote center or the County Recorder’s office.